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... and immediate aesthetics.

Since the 1970s, dental implants Dental Implants constitute a formidable advance in the replacement of lost teeth.
Thanks to a very little invasive intervention, they make it possible to find the smile, and an effective mastication. They are currently the most comfortable solution, and the most reliable over time (97% success rate in implantology!). They avoid the wearing of a removable prosthesis (dental appliance) or the mutilation of healthy teeth for the realization of a bridge (bridge between two teeth)!
But when it was necessary to extract a tooth, we had to wait approximately 3-4 months (the time that the bone heals) before being able to pose the implant. Then we had to wait a few more months, the time for the implant to heal, before being able to make the final prosthesis, and thus find a tooth and ... a smile!
For almost 6 months, we had to remain edentulous or find a provisional solution (removable appliance, bonded bridge, etc...) not always comfortable or aesthetic.

What is the situation today?

Implantology has evolved enormously since the 1970s: the shape of the implants has changed, they look more and more like a real root; their surface condition has also evolved, from smooth to rough. They are treated to increase their porosity, and thus the surface in contact with the bone has been multiplied by 10 or even 100!
Moreover, 3D imaging(3D Cone Beam available in our office) allows us to visualize your mouth in the 3 directions of space, and thus to secure our interventions.

These evolutions allow us today in certain cases to be able to extract a tooth, to replace it on the same day by an implant, and to come to fix on it a temporary fixed crown!

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It is even possible to do the same for a complete jawbone within 24 hours! These are the so-called "All On Four & All On Six" techniques: reconstructing a complete arch on only 4 implants for the bottom and 6 for the top in 24 hours!

Techniques have evolved considerably, the profession of dentist is not at all the same as it was 20 years ago. Do not hesitate to ask us about these techniques and the new possibilities they offer.
We are now able to give our patients back their smile!

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