The Sterilisation Chain

Your safety is an absolute priority for our practice, and we do everything possible to guarantee it. We have set up a real sterilisation chain, the main stages of which are described below.

The Sterilisation Cycle

  1. PRE-DISINFECTION of instruments by soaking in a disinfectant solution in accordance with CE/NF standards.
  2. For some specific instruments: passage through an ultrasonic tank, which allows the removal of deposits.
  3. Installed in our thermodisinfector, it is a large washing machine that rises to over 93°C, and uses very powerful disinfecting agents.
    It therefore cleans, rinses and dries the instruments in a cycle of about 1 hour.
  4. PACKING of all instruments in sealed, single-use bags.
  5. Set up in one of our 3 autoclaves. These are steam ovens whose temperature rises to 135°C under 2 bars of pressure, which allows us to sterilise the instruments. Throughout this one-hour cycle, a computer integrated into the autoclave controls the progress of the operations. When the cycle is completed, and has been carried out in accordance with the standards in force, the computer authorises the printing of traceability labels.
  6. The TRACEABILITY labels are then stuck on each bag. These labels contain all the information concerning the cycle carried out (date and number of the cycle, identification of the autoclave, name of the person who controlled the operations, expiry date of the bag, etc.)
  7. At the same time, all the cycle parameters are stored in the cloud (temperature rise, pressure rise, duration, etc.).
  8. The instruments are then used during the care, and at the end of each procedure, the labels of all the bags used are scanned (there is a bar code) and entered in the patient file.

The various stages of the sterilization cycle (pre-disinfection, cleaning, rinsing, drying, packaging, control) are carried out and controlled by our qualified dental assistants: Stéphanie MAILLET, Céline SIERRA & Olesya SABOT (title registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles classified level IV, code CNIS 331S (decree of 02/10/2006 - JO of 24/10/2006).

Our autoclaves regularly undergo a series of tests to check the efficiency of the device. All of these tests are stored on the manufacturer's Cloud, containing all the information on the autoclave, as well as its qualification certificate from APAVE.

Astrid de RENDINGER & Stéphanie MAILLET, Qualified Dental Assistants

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