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RPPS NUMBER: 10003523858

ADELI NUMBER: 784707739

N.O.C.D. NUMBER: 78-4925

Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Paris VII

University Diploma in Maxillofacial Rehabilitation Surgery, University of Paris VII

Professional orientation :

Surgical Odontology & Prosthetics


RPPS NUMBER: 10003525754

ADELI NUMBER: 784713257

N.O.C.D. NUMBER: 78-4948

Doctor of Dental Surgery, Université Libre de Bruxelles

Professional orientation :

Periodontology & Prosthetics


RPPS NUMBER: 10101217510

ADELI NUMBER: 784714040

N.O.C.D. NUMBER: 78-5861

Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Nantes

Professional orientation :