Dental Whitening and Veneers

Tooth whitening is used to lighten the colour of the teeth.

When and why do we whiten our teeth?

Tooth whitening is used to lighten the colour of the teeth, the correct term is tooth lightening.

These techniques are reserved for special cases and should not be used as an excuse for poor oral hygiene.

The colour of the teeth is influenced by different elements:

  • EXTRINSIC stains: outside the tooth = Nicotine, Coffee, Tea, etc. stains
  • INTRINSIC stains: inside the tooth = natural stains, stains due to antibiotics taken during childhood, enamel anomalies etc...

Tooth whitening removes or reduces intrinsic discolouration by using a hydrogen peroxide derivative that penetrates the enamel to dissolve the pigments at the enamel/dentin junction.

Outpatient gutter treatment includes:

  • A preliminary dental check-up, to see if a lightening is possible and recording of the initial shade.
  • Taking impressions of the upper & lowerjaws.
  • The production of the 2 thermoformed gutters for the product.
  • The supply of the product(Carbamide Peroxide for bleaching, Amorphous Calcium Phosphate, to reduce sensitivities, and even to strengthen and remineralize the enamel) until the desired shade is obtained.
  • Control visits to check the progress of the colour.
  • Polishing if necessary.

These trays will be applied every night for about two weeks or for 2 hours a day. The patient inserts the whitening gel into the tray and wears it for a period of time determined by the practitioner. During the treatment, the teeth are a little more sensitive to temperature differences, which is why we recommend the parallel application of fluoride gels.

 The Facets

Veneers are ceramic coatings that are bonded to the tooth. This new technique allows a clear improvement of the aesthetics of the smile.


  • Correcting the colour of teeth when bleaching is not enough.
  • Correcting tooth shape anomalies.
  • To improve aesthetic problems related to slight malposition of the teeth.

The realisation :

Thanks to our CAD/CAM system, we can produce veneers in-house, sometimes in one day! Preparation, optical impression, design of the veneers on our software, machining of the parts, make-up, baking and fitting the same day. Changing your smile in one day is now possible.

Please note that this is not systematically the case, it is only possible for some facets in simple cases. Do not hesitate to ask us for more details.

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